Thank you for your interest in Nashville Rising Song!

Our 38th series will start Monday January 6 and finish March 23, 2020.

Nashville Rising Song is a 12 week long, singer/songwriter open-mic contest where Nashville area (and beyond) songwriters share their best songs in front of a live (and online) audience and music industry personnel.

Both the audience and music industry professional judges select a winning song at each of the 10 weekly preliminary rounds. We then bring 20 writers back for the semifinal round where the audience selects 1 and the judges select 3 to move onto the final round.

The final 4 writers share 4 songs each and a winning song is selected. See our rules and FAQ pages for more info on how the event works. Click Here to see pictures of previous events.

The winner receives cash and prizes provided by our sponsors and partners.

We also stream the event live via nrslive.com, and typically we have a 3-5 thousand watching and voting at each prelim round, and well over 10,000 watching and voting at the semi-final and final rounds!

We’ve been holding this event for the past 11 years and it is known as the premier discovery vehicle for songwriters, industry, and fans of new music! Check out our Facebook Page to see our following and activity. We’re busy all the time promoting our event and our songwriters!

We’ll start this next series as soon, keeping the huge interest and great momentum going! We want to extend an offer to you to be a prize partner/sponsor for this upcoming series.

We’re looking for Sponsors and Prize Partners who want to reach active and engaged Nashville area songwriters and artists and who look to us as a credible source to learn about products and services. Being associated with Nashville Rising Song increases your brand and awareness and it’s always best if someone else toots your horn! The big benefit and payoff for you is that you get more clients! So, consider partnering with us for our next series, we’d love to have you!

As a Prize Partner you will receive the following:
  • Your logo/link on the Nashville Rising Song website sponsors and prizes pages.
  • Your business cards/promo will be on our table at each event.
  • We will post about your product/service on our social media profiles, Facebook and Twitter.

The investment is $250 and a prize for either the 4 finalists, or the final grand prize winner.

As a Sponsor you will receive everything listed above PLUS:
  • We will talk about your product/service and provide your URL during our welcome at each event.
  • We will list your product/service in our promotional emails sent to over 2000 active songwriters who have participated in our event.
  • We will provide you the names and email address of every songwriter who participates in this series of Nashville Rising Song at the end of the series so you can reach out to them for your marketing and promotional purposes. (They opt in and want to hear from our partners)

The investment is $500 and a prize for either the 4 finalists, or the final grand prize winner.

As you can see, this is a fantastic, one of a kind promotional opportunity for you and will get you in front of a very targeted and engaged audience!

Let me know ASAP if you are interested, as we only want 1 of each type of service at each series for maximum return on your investment. We already have some locked in, and most are returning partner/sponsors, so that means they have seen value!

Call or text me at: 615-594-0426 and let me know ASAP so we can add you to our website right away and start promoting your service and product!

The sooner we receive your payment, the sooner you will lock in your spot and benefit from our promotion! This is a first paid, first in opportunity! If you are ready to go and lock in, you can send payment to us now Via PayPal Here.

Thank you again for your interest in Nashville Rising Song!
Keith Mohr