Series 7 Prizes

Play For Publishers is awarding a complimentary admission to their event to our final grand prize winner. Play For Publishers was created and directed by Barbara Cloyd, who is well known and respected in the Nashville songwriter community. This workshop is a 3-day crash course in what it takes to write for the commercial Nashville market. Sixteen applicants are chosen to play one song each day for two publishers who give feedback on the craft and commercial potential of the writing.

CedarSong Retreats is an unforgettable songwriting retreat held near Nashville. Refine your songwriting and take it to the next level, learn industry insider tips and much more with Internationally Acclaimed Touring Artist, Vocalist, Guitarist and Songwriter Suzahn Fiering, and 2010 CCMA Female Artist and Songwriter of the Year Victoria Banks. They are awarding a 50% discount to our Grand prize winner and $100 off to all contestants. Just enter the words “Rising Song” when registering!

Nashville Artist Development University is launching in early 2020. NADU provides songwriters with a career coach, a community of fellow artists around the country, as well as access to their EXTENSIVE online teaching series that helps you: 1-avoid all of the typical costly mistakes. 2- get forward traction in your career. 3-become a life long career musician in a MUCH shorter amount of time. Every Nashville Rising Song contestant receives 10% off their membership!

Justine Blazer Productions is awarding a 1 Song, Full Production, Vocal Recording, Mix, & Master to the final grand prize winning songwriter

Ocean Way Studios Nashville is awarding a complimentary block of time for our grand prize winner to record a guitar or piano and vocal demo in their studio.

Musicians Anonymous Show is awarding a featured video interview with our grand prize winner.

Nashville Songwriters Collective is awarding a complimentary 3 month membership to each weekly prelim round winner, and a 1 year membership to the 4 finalists.

Cheap Song Demos is awarding a complimentary song demo to a random draw winner at each prelim round.

Nashville Song Pitcher is awarding their song pitching/plugging services to the Grand Prize winner.

The Song Tuner: Created and operated by Sandy Ramos, she is a hit songwriter with her songs appearing on albums with sales of over 25 million! She helps songwriters define and refine their songs, and offers opportunities for songwriters to present their songs to industry people through her popular “Pitch to Pro Pipeline.” Each of our semi-finalists will receive 1 complimentary “Pitch to Pro Pipeline” submission, and our final grand prize winner will receive a second song submission, plus a 1 hour consultation with Sandy to review songs or ask questions about their songwriting path. (Value $300 total)

Crowd Music will highlight the Grand Prize Winning song from the final winner on it’s website and mobile app. If music brings value to our lives, then we need to value and support those who create it. Crowd Music is focused on supporting those who create great music.

Nashville Underground Management Shawn Carnes and Shawn Davis are Nashville Underground Management. They manage the careers of established and up and coming artists and songwriters. They are providing a complimentary 1 hour face to face meeting to our grand prize winner to discuss their music ambitions PLUS $200 cash!

Global Songwriters Connection: Sheree’ Spoltore’s mission is to encourage, equip and empower songwriters worldwide, to earn a living with their gifts and talents. GSC brings industry professionals right to where you are through their online services. Global Songwriters is awarding a 1 year unlimited membership to their organization and $100 cash to the grand prize winner.

Songwriter City is awarding our final grand prize winner a meeting with Founder/CEO Mike Severson to discuss their music aspirations and potential addition to their roster. Songwriter City books the top songwriters in country music (Natalie Hemby, The Warren Brothers, Josh Kear, Tom Douglas, David Hodges, and many others!) with corporate clients.

At each preliminary round, we’ll conduct a random drawing from the pool of all songwriters who came out to the round for a genuine, collectors edition laser etched “Nashville Rising Song” capo provided by G7th Capos