NRS Series 7 Prelim 8

We had a great Prelim #8 at Dogwood Nashville. We heard lots of good songs!

The winners of Nashville Rising Song Series 7 Prelim 8. From left to right, James Lugo (music industry judge), Shawn Davis (music industry judge), Bryan Ruby (audience winner), David Unlayao (music industry judges winner), Shawn Carnes (emcee), Keith Mohr (NRS creator/director).


1- Bryan Lim
2- Bryan Ruby
3- David Unlayao
4- Brandon Lee
5- Chris Mozo
6- Gary McIntyre
7- Joe Anselm
8- Tucker Kent
9- Tosh Newman
10- Jon Petry
11- Jimmy Riggs
12- John Eidenire
13- Mike Boehnlein
14- Taylor Bagi
15- Alyssa Lazar
16- Joey Dee
17- Marcus Clark
18- Clarissa Purcell
19- Maxie Harrison
20- Zac Craven
21- Cale Rader
22- Steve Spurgeon


Bryan Ruby (Audience Winner)
David Unlayao (Judges Winner)

Bryan and David will come back and join 19 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Monday March 16, 2020 at 7PM at Dogwood Nashville. The finals will be held Monday, March 23, 2020 at 7PM at Dogwood Nashville.


James is a Master Vocal Coach / Record Producer Mixer / Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter, who made his way to Music City by way of Los Angeles in 2015.

James toured for years, playing in Los Angeles, Nashville & Austin and wrote countless songs in all genres with many TV and film placements. James also played guitar with the rock band Dokken, and was a vocalist in the classic rock band, Nazareth.

James was a vocal coach for American Idol for 10 years. His years on screen and behind the scenes with Idol made him a household name in the Hollywood music and vocal coaching scene and landed him on the rosters of almost every major label as a vocal coach and producer, for many people in the industry he was their go-to guy!

James also made a huge change in his life the past few years, shedding over 100 pounds and is now coaching others to regain control over their health and lifestyle. Way to go James!
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Shawn has forged his own unique path as a music industry professional, combining his knowledge and experience as a touring musician, songwriter, and business executive.

Born into a musical family who nurtured his guitar playing talent from an early age, He honed his skills on the church worship team and began writing songs.

Proving his diversity, Shawn became a player and writer for all genres, touring extensively throughout the US and working with many of this generations most notable artists. Dierks Bently, Michael Tait, Further Seems Forever, Dashboard Confessional, Fly-Leaf, Paramore, Dem Franchize Boyz, Kesha, and Fallout Boy to list a few.

Also tapping into the production world, he has worked on various recording projects at some of the world’s top studios, including the Sound Kitchen, New York City Sound Lab, Blackbird, Nightbird Recording, Record Plant and The Ranch.

After living in Florida, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, and New York, Davis has made Nashville his home, immersing himself in the music community and establishing valuable relationships.

Shawn joined Nashville Underground Management in 2018, actively serving as Shawn Carnes business partner and is a valued industry contributor. He is responsible for Artist Management, A&R and Branding Partnerships.

One of their current clients, Steven Battey co-wrote and produced a #1 song for Luke Combs, “One Number Away”
Learn more at: NU.MGMT

Here’s our music industry judges winner, David Unlayao performing his winning song, “Sceance Hill”

Songwriter Performances Without Interruption