NRS Series 7 Prelim 10

We had a great fantastic finish to our open-mic rounds for this series! We had a great turnout and we heard many good songs!

The winners of Nashville Rising Song Series 7 Prelim #10. From left to right, Mike Castronovo (music industry judge), Jason Wyatt (music industry judge), Sam Roark (audience winner), Aaron Richard (music industry winner), Eric Shawn Carnes (emcee) Keith Mohr (NRS creator/director/emcee).


1- David Wade and Sam Trawick
2- Alexa Kishner
3- Derrick Brantley
4- Bill Cook
5- Sam Roark
6- Jack Turner
7- John Eidenire
8- Amber Thomsen
9- Aaron Richard
10- Patrick O’Connor
11- David Lanier
12- Joey Dee
13- Jesse Cofty
14- Maxie Harrison
15- Vinny DeGeorge
16- Jimmy Riggs
17- Matt Chappell
18- Amy Redhair
19- Chris Moses
20- Eliza Harrison Smith
21- Kelly Jeanne


Sam Roark (Audience Winner)
Aaron Richard (Judges Winner)

Sam and Aaron will come back and join 19 other writers for the semi-final round to be held Monday March 16, 2020 at 7PM at Dogwood Nashville. The finals will be held Monday, March 23, 2020 at 7PM at Dogwood Nashville.


Mike Castronovo is the Founder & CEO of CROWD MUSIC, a revolutionary music discovery and distribution platform that’s paying artists and songwriters fairly again by providing a Crowd of listeners that will BUY their music and then help them promote it.

Mike spent over 25 years as a global industry leader in Finance, Banking & Wealth Management.

God gave him insight through this background to develop a way to help solve the challenges faced by every Artist in music today… getting them paid fairly for the music they create.
Learn more at:

Jason was the very first winner of Rising Star, when we started the contest 10 years ago.

Since that time, Jason was the former lead singer of the ACM nominated 4 time top 40 band “The Lost Trailers.”

Jason now focuses his time developing new artists, and has made a name for himself writing and producing projects from country to pop to Rock.

Jason’s most recent success story is “Sweet Tea Trio” who was recently signed to Kid Rock and Ken Levitan (Vector Management) management. Jason produced their 6 song EP and wrote 2 of their songs.

Jason recently spent time with Kid Rock penning songs for his next project.

Jason is launching Nashville Artist Development University very soon. NADU is a subscription based online service where emerging songwriters and artists can learn the music business, and how to avoid costly mistakes
Learn more at:

Here’s our music industry judges winner, Aaron Richard performing his winning song, “Rule the World”

Songwriter Performances Without Interruption